Welcome to the Terra Forma Studio web page! I started this studio in 2005 making functional and sculptural ceramics. I love to make work for the everyday experience; pieces that welcome oatmeal or soufflé, a daisy or hybrid orchid.

By nature, I am a hands-on artist utilizing the potter’s wheel and hand building techniques for construction. My involvement with clay started as a teenager at a community art center, in Wilmington, Delaware. I was hooked by the experience. The smell of the clay and transforming mud into something recognizable captivated me. My two grandmothers were also early inspirations. One, an antique dealer, exposed me to a world of endless objects of curiosity. My other grandmother, an artist, encouraged my intuitive sense with drawing and painting.

These inspirations are still apart of the work I make today. My work always involves a relationship between the moment, the materials, and myself. It is what makes every piece unique.

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